My Top 5 Favorite Drinking Games For 2 People

Below is the second list I will be presenting on this site. This list came about yesterday when I was with a friend of mine and we realized there really aren’t many drinking games that can be played by two people. Most of them usually require a large number like 4 or more.
But after doing some research, we found a list, tried a few of them and I have decided to share my personal favorites along with a quick reason on why.

  1. Go Fish – I like this one the most because Go Fish is actually my favorite card game. Well, it’s one of maybe three that I know.
  2. Two Truths – I like the challenge of spotting the lie and then tricking someone.
  3. Russian Roulette – the uncertainty is definitely what does it for me. You could be drinking a shot of tequila or just regular H2O.
  4. Never Have I – you can learn a lot about someone from this game. I learned that my friend had sex with her cousin once lol.
  5. Flip, Sip or Strip – we didn’t do the strip because we’re two straight women but replace my girl with a guy and it could get interesting.

Thanks for reading my list. I already did a post on the instructions for Russian Roulette before, but the instructions the other four games games can be found at

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