Russian Roulette Drinking Game

As the title suggests, today I will be sharing the instructions for Russian Roulette. This is a drinking game for as little as two people. Many drinking games tend to require cards but this is not one of them. It is a very simple game and like the actual RR, it is 100% a game of chance.

To play, gather six shot glasses and fill one of them with white rum or tequila. Fill the other five with plain old drinking water. Now, this where the concepts of chance and probability come in – if you have a die, great!. If not, don’t worry.

Have one person shuffle the glasses with everyone else’s back turned. Afterward, the glasses should be shuffled again under the same conditions, just by a different person. Next, number each glass 1 through 6. The first person will roll the die and shoot whatever number they have. If no die is available, simply choose a number. If they drink the liquor they must take a single truth or dare from the group. If they drink the water, just move on.

When the contents of a glass is drank, it should be topped up with the same liquid and reshuffled.

And that’s Russian Roulette – a very easy drinking game for two or more persons.


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