5 Types of People at a Party

Today’s post will be a short one. In fact it will just be a list. A list of the 5 types of people you will encounter at almost any party you attend or throw. Of course, this list is not conclusive, it’s just the first 5 who come to my mind. Feel free to add in the comments section.

  1. The WIFI Guy – as soon as this guy.. or girl walks in, they wanna know the wifi code so they can chat to friends on social media. Makes you wonder if they’re really at the party to well, party..
  2. The Stoner(s) – they come to the party because they had nowhere else to smoke.
  3. The It’s Been A Long Week Guy/Girl – This person just went through a hellish week of countless exams and assignments. They let lose completely and embody what partying is all about.
  4. The Thirst Bucket – this guy is hitting on every girl he runs into. He’s doing so shamelessly too because he is determined to get laid tonight.
  5. The Horny Drunk – the girl who eventually hooks up with the Thirst Bucket. When she drinks she becomes a complete slut and fate will have her and Mr. Thirst cross paths before the end of the night.

What are some other regulars at parties you throw/attend?

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